April 22, 2007

AZ NO FEE- keeping it real. Real simple that is..

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How many times have you complained about having to pay to get into National Forest/Monuments? Complained only because the tax that you have already paid is not going more directly to environmental causes? Complained because the governments answer to this, is not to redirect funds but to charge again, at the door? I have talked to every person sitting in the booth who wants to collect my money. I have talked to them and been surprised at their backing of the bill. Then I came to realize that these were not Forest Rangers, they were minimum wage workers. Their knowledge and enthusiasm of land and environmental issues might not be as tied in as FR who has made an occupation and vocation out of it…But alas…

here is finally a glimmer of some good news…from the AZ No Fee Coalition.. read here


April 13, 2007

Tucson Peace Calender

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look here for a calender of events, here, in Tucson. I have been very discouraged lately. During my trip to the Chirichua National Monument, Gino spoke to a Ranger. She had converted her VW to a biodiesel vehicle. She also told him that under Bush’s presidency, a law was passed to replace Rangers with minimum wage workers and that she was the last of only two remaining Rangers in this mountain range. She said she woke everyday not knowing if today would be her last, and she has come to love and cherish the area in which she works. She spoke about the countries capitalization of federal and national lands. I needed a place to start being active so that I don’t fall into depression under the stress of unfavorable current events..here is the link..

April 12, 2007

Turkey Creek Rd, Arizona

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take the 191 South off of I10 east….follow it until the road begins to bend left, sharply, heading north..at this point, straight ahead there is a sign for turkey creek rd. It is an 8-mile dirt road, easy on the tires of a volkswagon Passat…. ..FREE…. outhouse being the only amenity, YEAH remote camping!!! campsites run along the creek which was filled with 1-2 feet of running water. Turkey hawks circled overhead frequently, Mexican Jays were in abundance..and these birds were amazing! huge blue jays not to battle with! quiet, peaceful and did I mention FREE?? We took the 191 North home and visited the National Monument. There was some great history talks while we were there. We learned about an amazing Apache named Massai. Do not let the following link fool you. The story told to us, was one of a brave rebel who would not be taken into submission and live on a reservation. He actually escaped all captivities, until the one that caught and killed him, and raised 6 children in the Chirichua Mountains along with his wife. He sounded like a die-hard Native American who lived his life to the fullest and outside the laws of the Europeans, and inside the laws of his culture.

April 3, 2007

Ju know?

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got back into touch with Keith, aka KPC……started talking about land ownership, sustainable housing, trying to think outside the box, alternative living and so on…I may go visit Juneau since I have been planning to visit him there since I was 18! he even sent me a plane ticket once but I didnt catch the plane…whew..those days are kind of hazy….but we spoke of land ownership partnership..hes a cool guy and know has a cool kid named Kai…

March 28, 2007

The times they are a changin’

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and you can not stop the process…i  welcome into my life pureness of spirit, truth of context, and genuine peeps……….

March 25, 2007

Sabra Faulk

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awesome woman!! awesome CD release party..  Sabra’s party/CD release.. April 1st at the Boondocks…she really is a beautiful woman!

March 22, 2007

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this is the soup kitchen that I volunteer in. I went to a montessori high school for my senior year, here in Tucson, called Kino School. While I attended, there was a teacher who owned a VW bus who would take us on Wednesday mornings to help out. We, of course, did it to miss school but when we got there, I realized how fufilling the place was, or at least the action of volunteering. I had to complete a community project throughout two courses in my bachelors recently, and thought of this place right away. I drove around until I found it and happened to end up there on a Wednesday am. To my surprise the same teacher was still taking Kino students! We packed brown bag lunches and caught up since it had been over 15 years since I had seen here… I wanted to put a plug in for Casa Maria and tell you that if you want to be in awe…visit, volunteer, drink the coffee…casa-maria2.jpg

Moving in….

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He got here in October…May 1st………

March 17, 2007

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I am really interested in this school…I’ll be done with the degree I am working on by the end of this year at the latest…I need to give some time back to the hospital I am working in…but this is what peaks my upmost interest…and all great possibilities start with an interest and then continue on with action….view here

March 13, 2007

Who killed the electric car?

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This is a must see movie! It once again shows the rigidity to clean laws (cars, electricity,etc.) by the ones who enable us to make those changes…the law makers, the government…because of their ties to the ones who have the most to gain, the industries who profit from oil, etc….well done…and in the end uplifting by the optimism of those who believe in a “clean air” future….

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